Ways of Giving

A Message from the Pastor

I describe God’s love toward us as “generous love.”  God gives this good earth and all that is in it to manage and care for.  We are stewards then of God’s generosity.  We are made in God’s image and are our fullest representation when we are generous in return.

Most Christians are joyous and excited to support the mission of their church. Many are also glad that their generosity can leave a lasting impact on their church.  Even when we return to the loving arms of our Maker we can give witness to God’s grace in our lives in our legacy giving.

I talk to so many older adults in particular who have built and cared for their church and communities and ask, “What is God calling me to do now, now that I cannot be as active?”  You can lead in your example of planned giving.  

Made in God’s image, may we be a reflection of our faithful, generous God who showed his love most clearly in Jesus our Lord.

With Gratitude to God, 

Laura Conrad, Pastor

What giving options do I have at Fort Hill?*

  1. General Endowment Trust (unspecified and unrestricted gifts, bequests and donations that permit the church to use your gift where the need is greatest and allows the Session to respond to changing needs as they arise)
  2. Mission Endowment Fund (local and global outreach programs and missions)
  3. Pansy Duke Scholarship Fund (support to those seeking God's will for their lives)

* It is important to note that gifts or beneficiary designations to the Mission Endowment Fund or Pansy Duke Scholarship Fund must be specifically noted as such.  Gifts or beneficiary designations to "Fort Hill Presbyterian Church" will fall into the General Endowment Trust Fund.


How can I get more information?

Planned Giving is...


God calls us to make wise and faithful choices about the use and disposition of our property. By planning our future gifts now, we are graciously responding to the blessings in our lives, reflecting our faith that we will continue to recognize God's generosity. Planned gifts create a vision of abundance for the church of the future, empowering its mission to continue long after we are gone.


Planned giving enables you to make a meaningful gift while potentially enhancing your and your family's future financial well-being. It takes into account the many factors of estate planning including:

  • people - loved ones and your church family
  • assets - cash, investments, real property....
  • estate and tax reduction plans